Vishrambh: Blockchain for Trusted Philanthropy


Philanthropy is a huge sector worldwide and a rapidly growing one in India. The sector globally suffers from various problems such as lack of transparency, lack of trust between donors and non-profits and corruption. With Vishrambh, we aim to leverage blockchain along with other technologies to design a trusted framework which would enable philanthropic donations to be as accountable and transparent as direct charity. Use of blockchain in a practical application other than cryptocurrencies results in its own set of technical and social challenges which we also tackle and partly address through this project.


Sudheesh Singanamalla, Sambhav Satija, Muthian Sivathanu, Divya Gupta, Satya Lokam, Nishanth Chandran, Ankush Jain


  • (2017) First Place Angel Hack Bangalore Chapter 

  • (2018) Third Place Microsoft Global //OneWeek Hackathon under Innovative projects for public sector.

  • (2018) First Place Leadership Challenge by Anant Maheshwari, Anil Bhansali, Sriram Rajamani on hackathon ideas using IndiaStack.

  • (2018) First Place Leadership Challenge by Amir Sircar on hackathon ideas using Blockchain. 

Press and Publications

  1. Mehra, A., Lokam, S., Jain, A., Sivathanu, M., Singanamalla, S., & O'Neill, J. (2018, April). Vishrambh: Trusted philanthropy with end-to-end transparency. In HCI for Blockchain, Proceedings of the A CHI 2018 workshop on Studying, Critiquing, Designing and Envisioning Distributed Ledger Technologies, Montreal, QC, Canada (pp. 21-22). [Workshop][Link]