Project Mishtu: Digital Distribution Platform to enable Assisted Selling via neighborhood retailers for last mile underserved 'Bharat' consumers


500M+ users in India are digital natives, leading consumption of social chat and digital entertainment with strong preference for voice, vernacular, and video. However, these users face certain barriers in realizing full gains of digital economy, education, jobs, and access to Government services. They have unmet needs and lack access to basic digital services which digital savvy have via the internet.  


Internet centric business and Digital service providers are eager to reach the underserved consumers, but not able to today. The primary barriers to adoption of these digital services are as

  1. Connectivity

  2. Lack of awareness and discovery

  3. Language barriers

  4. Limited Trust on online service

  5. Digital payments

Some of the needs of these consumers can be met via the assisted mode, where an intermediary such as a local SMB (neighborhood 'Kirana' Store)  steps in to solve for these challenges. Today, these trusted intermediaries deliver limited digital services to millions of such consumers. These last mile consumers offer a great opportunity for neighborhood retailers to be the trusted partner in bridging this gap.


Project Mishtu's vision to create a B2B2C assisted marketplace which allows trusted intermediaries to deliver several digital services to the last mile underserved users. When implemented at scale, this initiative is expected to unlock $100B of economic impact and 2M new jobs added to the economy. 


Co-Founders: Siddharth Prakash, Kashish Mittal, Apurv Mehra

Team Members: Abhishek Vijay, Archie Gupta, Somya Sagarika, Pratima Laxman Gauns, Vinodh Polarmasetty, Sathish Tamada 


Content Partner: Eros Now

SMB Partner: Novopay

Network Partners: SES

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