BlendNet: Empowering Media Companies to reach the next billion smart device users


BlendNet technology enables videos to be disseminated through a combination of cloud-enabled metadata systems. The file is then transferred onto the recipient’s mobile using peer-to-peer local Wi-Fi, after asking for the necessary permissions from the users. While the creation of this cloud plane might need a data network, the transfer of data will happen over local WiFi. Subscribers will be able to browse through all the content available within the app and get those files offline from nearby EKO retail stores, as well as from other users who have the same content that is being searched for. A subscriber on an average consumes 2-3 episodes per day using 1GB of their data, BlendNet will ensure that bulk data transfers happen locally increasing content consumption amongst its audience. Incase, the consumer is in a remote region, then BlendNet will postpone the downloading of content till you come to a place where someone else has the same file nearby. This feature serves as a value proposition for ALTBalaji subscribers as they can now access their favourite content even in areas with low internet connectivity without adding any data costs over and above to the subscription cost which is an economical Rs 100 for 3 months and Rs 300 for the annual pack.


Siddharth Prakash, Muthian Sivathanu, Colin Scott, Abhishek Vijay, Archie Gupta, Somya Sagarika

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